Michael Blake
Fmr. NYS Assemblyman (D79) and
Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee

I am honored to share that Michael Blake, Fmr. NYS Assemblyman (D79) and Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, has endorsed my candidacy for NYC Council in the Northwest Bronx. I have great admiration for the work that Assemblyman Blake has done at the national level, as a member of President Obama’s staff and key figure in his presidential campaign, and especially as an agent for change within The Bronx.

“I have worked with Dan on local Bronx issues and continue to be impressed by his holistic approach to the district. He appreciates the interconnectivity of issues and of neighborhoods. I endorse Dan for City Council so the Northwest Bronx can benefit from his vision of equity across the district and the skill set he has honed in over 12 years of community board leadership. As a lawyer and community expert, he alone will be ready to work with city agencies from Day 1. He will fight for inclusivity in The Bronx, and it will be reflected in his legislation.”
– Assemblyman Michael Blake

Please join my campaign for the Special Election on March 23rd so that together we can build new opportunities for people across the NW Bronx.

Bill Samuels
Progressive activist,
business leader, and lawyer

BILL SAMUELS, Progressive activist, business leader, and lawyer
“Dan’s history of leadership in the Northwest Bronx has amply prepared him to represent his district in the City Council. He has a facile understanding of the economic and social issues within the district and innovative approaches to post-pandemic recovery. Dan will partner with neighborhood leaders to local assess ongoing needs—and he has the legal acumen to achieve them.”

Local 46
Of the Metallic Lathers Union and Reinforcing Ironworkers

Local 46 of the Metallic Lathers Union and Reinforcing Ironworkers

“Dan will be an elected official that will understand his district’s needs and concerns and will do his best to address them. Dan understands that good-paying jobs are the means to lift a community. Dan will work on legislation and policies to increase the enforcement on contractors that commit wage theft, exploit workers, have unsafe work sites, and misclassify workers from their personal gain.”

DIO THEN, Fmr. CD11 candidate

DIO THEN, Fmr. CD11 candidate

“With New York City and the nation as a whole radically transformed over the last seven months, the priorities and level of experience needed to keep our communities safe and prosperous have become not only self evident, but also the No. 1 priority for myself and my campaign….With humble self-awareness of the limitations I currently have available to me, I am bowing out of the city council race and will endorse Daniel Padernacht’s campaign for District 11’s city council seat set to undergo a special election in early 2021.”