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Many political pundits highlight the amount of money a campaign raises. However, our campaign has made a conscious decision to seek smaller contributions from individuals that believe in our vision. We joined the NYC Campaign Finance Board’s Matching Funds Program which sets limits on contributions and spending. We are targeting the amount necessary to qualify for the maximum match in the program.

Dan Padernacht has joined the NYC Campaign Finance Board’s Matching Funds Program. Matching funds provide candidates with a strong incentive to finance their campaigns by engaging with average New Yorkers instead of seeking large contributions from special interests. The Program empowers more candidates to run for office, even without access to wealth; ones who join can build viable, competitive campaigns for office by relying on support from their neighbors.

The voluntary public financing program matches small-dollar contributions from individuals who reside in New York City, helping to amplify the voices of New Yorkers in city elections. A $10 contribution from a NYC resident to a participating candidate in the 2021 election could be worth as much as $90 to their campaign.