ISSUES: People • Fairness • Reform

As the former Chair of Community Board 8, Dan understands that the issues affecting our neighborhoods are interrelated. He will use his considerable experience leading a government agency to address our needs in the Northwest Bronx, and those of the city at large, in the following platform:

Affordable housing is essential for our communities. Protecting and preserving affordable housing, supporting those who are struggling, and creating new affordable housing for working families will make the difference between a thriving city and one that struggles with a growing homeless population.

Dan will:

  • Provide seniors with subsidy programs to help them remain in their housing

  • Develop affordable housing that fits the income of neighborhoods in the Council district

  • Provide constituent services for housing issues

  • Develop and expand programs like the Mitchell-Lama program that focus on home ownership—limited equity condos or cooperatives that New Yorkers can afford for decades

  • Focus on social services to prevent homelessness and provide assistance for those who do become homeless

  • Dan understands that the diverse populations that comprise Council District 11 and the City at large face diverse challenges

  • Dan is sensitive to the continuing crisis in Puerto Rico, having attended conferences on the island to discuss the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. He appreciates the need for continued assistance for Puerto Rico

Dan will apply his degree in Economics to the realm of small business development in our district.

He will:

  • Create a program to provide legal assistance for small businesses in lease negotiations

  • Provide tax credits for long-term leases

  • Develop small business training and create a database of aspiring local entrepreneurs

  • Connect businesses with owners to fill unoccupied storefronts—surveying vacant storefronts in the district and speaking with property owners to assess potential opportunity for new business

  • Promote and assist female and minority-owned businesses

  • Establish relationships with SBA lenders and other financial institutions to help finance new businesses

Dan wants to ensure that children in every neighborhood of Council District 11 have access to schools that adequately serve their needs. He seeks to reduce class size, improve accessibility, and reconstruct schools within their existent footprint. He will work with principals, PA leaders, unions, and the School Construction Authority (SCA) to ensure that our local schools are accountable to parents while getting the critical funding they need.

  • Dan seeks to repurpose, redesign, and increase space on current public-school campuses and will work with teachers and school superintendents to design flexible and efficient spaces that can be utilized by principals according to the individual needs of each school

  • Dan wants to move away from teaching to the test and toward the integration of analytical skills. He favors group lessons to challenge students

  • Dan will advocate for a change in teacher evaluations

  • Dan will fight to increase the number of special needs programs throughout the city

  • Dan will fight for the educational funds already allocated for The Bronx by New York State

  • Dan understands the importance of early childhood education and supports UPK

  • Dan is an advocate of trade high schools

  • Dan will continue to champion school safety issues:  Read feature.

On behalf of EBT card holders, Dan would advocate for:

  • An increase in monthly benefits

  • Discounts at local supermarkets

  • Maintaining the Health Bucks program to incentivize the purchase of healthy foods by EBT cardholders

  • Clothing discounts for children at local retail outlets

  • Free entry for EBT card holders and up to 3 family members at cultural institutions  (a maximum of $3 per EBT card holder at private cultural institutions)

Dan will address fairness in services and funding throughout the district and will maintain an open dialogue with the community. Dan will fight for ethics in government to end unfair election practices, provide transparency, and level playing fields in local elections.

[See article, “Why The CFB’s New Program Could Upend Purported 11th CD Race” ]
  • Dan will use his 10 years of experience in leadership roles on Community Board 8 to seek funding and priority in services from each municipal agency

  • Dan will fight for funding of services and projects in the district in each year’s fiscal budget

  • Dan will be transparent about Council Member discretionary funds in the district so that constituents understand how and where this funding is allocated

  • Dan believes that government offices must not be used to promote candidates—either through free publicity at public events or in taxpayer-funded government mailers, newsletters, or social media

  • Dan will advocate against political dynasties, i.e., family members sharing offices within overlapping districts, which underserve our communities

Dan stands in solidarity with the people of Israel as they work toward peace for all people in the Middle East.

New York City would be at a standstill without the individuals who facilitate every facet of our urban lives, including our hospitals, emergency services, schools, buildings, transportation, and roadways. The labor force in our City must be supported. Dan will apply his expertise in economics, negotiation, and contract law to advocate for the needs of labor and find common ground to create and maintain labor jobs in the City of New York.

Dan supports the advancement of rights of members of the LGBTQ community.
  • In City Council, he will work to eliminate workplace discrimination and to provide mutual insurance for same-sex couples. He will work to address violence and discrimination long-associated with intolerance.

People with disabilities face substantial challenges every day. We must provide support for this community in a variety of ways:

  • Ensure that the basic needs of housing, food delivery, and transportation are provided to the poorest members of the community

  • Assess and improve the transportation network for persons with disabilities

  • Require that NYC ID cards include a “Person with Disability” or “PWD” identification on them

  • Meet with organizations that serve persons with disabilities and hold forums on a regular basis to understand the changing needs of the community

  • Introduce or co-sponsor legislation to allow disabled visitors free entry or pay as you wish entry to all 34 city controlled cultural institutions (caregiver free).

  • Introduce or co-sponsor legislation to allow private cultural institutions, and businesses, the choice to offer disabled visitors either free entry/pay as you wish, or discounted entry. If the institution/business decides on a discounted entry, then they must offer disabled visitors a discounted entry, plus a discounted membership at the lowest price point currently on offer (caregiver free). These policies must be conspicuously displayed at box offices/websites.

  • Create grants to help low income persons with disabilities to pay for improvements to their homes pursuant to the Fair Housing laws.

  • Create more disabled parking spaces with an associated app for locating them

  • Transportation to local schools for children with disabilities

Dan will fight crime through enhanced community policing and residential involvement in community watch programs and consider a broader spectrum of safety needs.

  • Vigilance against common crime and gang-related activity can be achieved by strengthening our neighborhood councils, promoting community policing, and enhancing communication with police while safeguarding identities [See Dan’s op ed, “Families Need Multi-Agency Collaboration to Address Noise Disturbances”]

  • Our students deserve the opportunity to focus on learning, not safety:

  • Our school entrances and classrooms must be secure

  • Our students must not be exposed to life-threatening tobacco products [See Dan’s op ed on protecting minors from e-cigarettes]

  • Dan will fight for the safety and convenience of our fellow citizens with disabilities

  • We cannot sit idly by as the opioid crisis worsens. It is both a health issue and a matter of collective safety. Dan will work with physicians and hospital administrators on innovative community solutions

Dan cares about protections for seniors but also opportunities for socialization and growth. Centers should not merely be adequate—they should enable seniors to debate, play, socialize, learn technology, get informed, and participate in the arts.

  • Dan will assist all senior centers while working to keep open other facilities that provide daily lunches

  • Dan will provide seniors with subsidy programs to help them remain in their housing

  • Dan will lend his legal expertise to training seniors to avoid scams and elder abuse

  • Dan will advocate for adequate transportation funding for seniors

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other organizations whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and other extremist groups that target persons of color for violence and suppression. We believe that all persons shall be treated equally under the law.

Dan will create a sustainable infrastructure through community planning.

He will:

  • Provide tax credits for solar power

  • Work to establish solar power for NYCHA rooftops

  • Work with the DOT and local communities to provide incentives for public and private electric vehicles and charging stations [See Dan in News 12 story on electric vehicle charging stations]

  • Address air and water clean-up—creating green job opportunities and economic incentives for local businesses

  • Better plan for the influx of new residents to ensure that we keep our neighborhoods sustainable.

Now in his 7th year as Chair of the Community Board 8 Traffic & Transportation Committee, Dan is uniquely poised to address our transportation needs at the City Council level. Dan has spent countless hours in transportation meetings, at site visits, reading community letters, researching traffic studies, and reviewing police reports. He has seen firsthand the challenges faced by our neighborhoods and solutions turned down by City government.

Dan himself is a pedestrian, runner, biker, driver, and straphanger. He believes that government resources should be allocated for the creation of safe and efficient means for each of these modes of transport. Dan finds the integration of these classes on roadways to be challenging. Through conversation, community, and government, he will make our roadways better.

Dan will address:

  • Alternate energy sources for passenger vehicles or limiting the need for passenger vehicle use [See Dan’s op ed, “Public, private partnerships can disrupt climate change”]

  • Electric charging stations planned with community members

  • Bus route planning

  • Closing streets and proper planning

  • Lane miles for resurfacing

  • Con Ed oversight with a permitting process to provide notice to communities and limit parking restrictions

  • Changing many private roads to public roads in Riverdale to make streets safer

  • Community planning for bike lanes, bus lanes, and infrastructure. He will initiate ideas and bring them back to the community for feedback

  • Creating safer streets through smarter traffic management and improvements to public transportation

  • Off-peak deliveries

Dan knows that union jobs provide stable careers for our residents. Dan supports union labor in NYC and will advocate for the union trades. He:
  • Supports union labor on construction projects that receive City and State subsidies

  • Supports the bonding of capital funds for infrastructure projects to be built by union labor

  • Supports lowering the threshold on project cost for safety training requirements

  • Will work with union representatives to formulate financial feasibility plans to incorporate union labor in privately financed projects

  • Will work on legislation and policies to increase enforcement on contractors who are committing wage theft and misrepresenting job descriptions on projects

Dan has profound respect for the sacrifices made by our men and women who have served our nation in the military.

He will:

  • Work with veteran’s affairs organizations to ensure adequate funding for their respective missions

  • Advocate for the housing needs of our veterans

  • Create business-training and career initiatives for veterans

  • Focus on the health-related needs of our veterans, including post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Dan believes in equal pay for equal work. Women still make 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. Women of color, in particular, earn 64 cents and Latinas only 54 cents for every dollar earned by Caucasian men1

  • Dan believes that every woman has the right to choose

  • Dan supports the ACLU’s goal of equal access to educational opportunities and resources in an educational environment free from gender-based stereotypes, violence, and harassment—and job protections for pregnant workers

  • As an attorney, Dan is keenly aware that homelessness is inextricably linked to violence against women—that 1:4 battered women who fail in the court system may end up in shelters.2 He will supplement programs that address this sociologic problem. He will work with the DA’s office to fight for justice for such women and with social workers to reach out to victims

  • Dan will create a job interview preparation program for women regaining their foothold following economic depressions

  • At a national level, Dan knows that immigrants’ rights are inextricably linked to women’s rights—that Trump’s inhumane policies are separating women and children and isolating women from their spouses. This breaks apart families and undermines their economic stability


How can we help parents with long work days give their children a meaningful after-school experience?

Dan will

  • Work to create more community centers across the district and new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and sports offerings on school sites.

  • Create programs that help students envision future careers.

  • Initiate inter-neighborhood sports competitions to integrate our communities.

  • Fight for free after-school programs for our schools


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